ICYMI: What Chinese Tourists Want

Yellowknife, it turns out, isn’t a tent city of a few hundred people. This was a genuine surprise for some high-end Chinese tourists in town over the past few days.

EDGE met the group of eighteen travellers at the Museum Café shortly before they flew out, to hear some first-hand thoughts on the Yellowknife tourism experience.  They had been here for four days, to see the aurora via the Banff-based tour company Canadian Scenery Travel.

“They didn’t know we have a city here, they thought it wasn’t even a town, just a bunch of tents,” said Canadian Scenery Travel’s president Isaac Wu, acting as a translator. Not everyone thought this, of course. Some people, like Susan Xue, from Beijing, who had previously travelled to the Norwegian Arctic archipelago Svalbard, expected the opposite.

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