The Yellowknives Dene First Nations people were the main occupiers of the region around what is now the city of Yellowknife, but it was gold mining that began in the 1930’s that started to shape the town into the bustling, active multicultural city it is today.

Yellowknife is the capital city of the Northwest Territories and acts as a major hub for those travelling further north to work in the mining sector, has a very large Territorial and Federal Government sector, as well as hosts the Canadian Forces Northern Area Headquarters.

Our awe inspiring aurora borealis draw people from all over the world over the winter months to witness lightshow dance across the sky. Once summer arrives, Yellowknifers come out of hibernation to pack in as much fun as possible in the land of the midnight sun with quality beach-time, camping, fishing, stand-up paddle-boarding, gardening, music festivals, markets and much, much more.
The city of Yellowknife surprises many people who experience it for the first time. The community is vibrant, artistic, active, and incredibly multi-cultural making it an amazing place to start a career, family, or new adventure.

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