Yellowknife Real Estate Market Update March 13 2024

Yellowknife, the market is alive and well! Thank you for checking out this weeks Yellowknife Real Estate market update.

The Yellowknife Real Estate market is firing up, we have seen a lot of new listings and the buyer action is firing up with mortgage rates inching lower and more listings hitting the market. Though the Bank of Canada is holding rates we have seen mortgage rates begin to move in the right direction and there is much anticipation for a Bank of Canada rate drop later on this spring summer.

In terms of listing activity Yellowknife has seen 10 new listings hit the market over the past week, 4 of which already have accepted offer. Average list price of new homes in the market this week is $567,330.

This past week we saw 8 conditional sales in Yellowknife and 4 firm/unconditional sales take place. Average list price of sold homes was $445,925 and the average sale price of those same listings is $430,750 meaning on average homes are selling at 97% of listed price.  Thank you for reading this weeks Yellowknife Real Estate market update!