12 Ways to a Safe Holiday at Home

This holiday, many of us will be celebrating at home.  To help stay safe this holiday season, we highlight 12 safety tips:

  1. If you have a fresh Christmas tree, be sure to water it daily.
  2. Position your tree wisely – avoid high trafficked areas and place away from heating vents, radiators, stoves, fireplaces and burning candles.
  3. Keep sharp or breakable ornaments away from small children and pets.
  4. Use lights that have the mark of an accredited certification agency.
  5. Check light strings. Discard any that are frayed or have exposed wires, loose connections or broken light sockets. Replace any broken or burned-out bulbs.
  6. Keep driveways and walkways cleared of snow and ice.
  7. Turn off all holiday lights before you go to bed.
  8. Never run electrical cords and extension cords through or across doorways where they might trip someone; avoid putting them under carpets where they can overheat.
  9. Dispose immediately all packaging like plastic bags, plastic wrap, foam, staples, ties and protective film, especially if you have small children in your home.
  10. Ensure batteries are not accessible to children and are properly installed by an adult.
  11. Use fireplaces and candles safely during the holiday season
  12. Finally, to reduce the risk and spread of COVID-19, clean and disinfect your home. Sanitize high-touch surfaces frequently and wash your hands often.

These tips and more can be found here: https://www.canada.ca/en/health-canada/services/home-safety/tips-holiday-safety.html

The team at Coldwell Banker wants to wish you a happy and safe holiday season!