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Health care needs in the NWT are served by the Stanton Territorial Health Authority.

All permanent NWT residents must apply for health care coverage and should register to get an NWT Health Care Card. You will want to apply as soon as you arrive to the NWT. For information and downloadable application forms:

If you moved to the NWT from elsewhere in Canada, you’ll become eligible for the NWT Health Care Plan on the first day of the third month immediately following the month you became a resident of the NWT. For example, if you arrive on July 4th, you will become eligible on October 1st.

Below are the medical and dental clinics/centres in Yellowknife:

Health Clinics

Stanton Territorial Hospital

Phone: (867) 767-9300 ext. 0

Address: 548 Byrne Road


Yellowknife Public Health Unit

Phone: (867) 767-9120

Address: 4702 Franklin Avenue


Yellowknife Primary Care Center

Phone: (867) 767-9294

Address: 4915 48 Street


Frame Lake Community Health Clinic

Phone: (867) 767-9125

Address: 312 Old Airport Road (Frame Lake Plaza)


Centre for Northern Families Outreach Clinic

Phone: (867) 873-2566

Address: 5610 Franklin Avenue


Stanton Territorial Health Eye Clinic

Phone: (867) 873-3577

Address: 4916 47 Street (Gogo Cho Building)


NWT Help Line (24/7)

Phone: 1-800-661-0844


Dental Clinics

Adam Dental Clinic

Phone: (867) 873-2775

Address: 5209 Franklin Avenue


Birchwood Dental

Phone: (867) 873-5677

Address: 5014 53 Street


Fireside Denture Clinic

Phone: (867) 920-7373

Address: 5014 47 Street


Frame Lake Family Dental Clinic

Phone: (867) 669-0003

Address: 312C Old Airport Road (Frame Lake Plaza)


Great Slave Dental Clinic

Phone: (867) 873-2450

Address: 5014 48 Street


Somba K’e Family Dental Clinic

Phone: (867) 873-2027

Address: 4901 48 Street


Veterinary Clinics

The health of our pets is also important. Below are two veterinary clinics in Yellowknife.

Great Slave Animal Hospital

Phone: (867) 873-2579

Address: 129 Kam Lake Road


Yellowknife Veterinary Clinic

Phone: (867) 920-7387

Address: 308 Woolgar Avenue

Web: yellowknifeveterinaryclinic