For Buyers

Tips for buyers

We offer buyer representation and dual representation to buyers of both MLS and private listings, and will represent your best interests with integrity.

Buyer Consultations – Call us first to begin your search. The more you know about the real estate market and northern construction principals, the better prepared you will be to make the right decision on the right home. We are here to help you avoid costly mistakes.

Access & information – In addition to our exclusive listings, we use MLS to provide you access to every available property here in Yellowknife and all over the Northwest Territories. We will work with you to help you buy any home listed not only at all other brokerages, but with commercial, private residential, and foreclosures as well. Contact a Coldwell Banker representative to set-up online instant notifications for MLS listings in Yellowknife today!

Education – We will update you and educate you on the latest market trends, reports, micro data and newly available properties and neighborhoods as they become available so that you can make the absolute best and most educated decision for your investment or your future home.

Support & Customer Service – We will accompany you through every step of the process. We will advise you from defining your searches and options to deciding on the perfect home; from calculating the best value to everything leading up to the final closing.

Vendors Network – Coldwell Banker has an extensive referral network of closing attorneys, mortgage consultants, contractors, designers, movers and every possible vendor you might need for a smooth and successful purchase process.

Experience – Originating in 1984, Coldwell Banker Northern Bestsellers is the most established Real Estate Company here in town, with some agents having over 35 years of experience in the industry.

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For Sellers

Tips for sellers

Coldwell Banker Northern Bestsellers is first and foremost your marketing agent as much as it is your sales agent.

In order to achieve the highest price possible in the shortest amount of time we will provide the following:

Pricing – we provide a free market analysis using up to date listings that have sold in Yellowknife for the most accurate and intelligent listing price recommendation.

Showcasing Your Home – We will advise on positioning, staging, any major or minor repair work for your home and provide high quality photos, floor plans, collateral materials and both house-tour and drone videos.

Behind the Scenes – we will set a schedule of realtor tours and open houses, be available to show your home 7 days a week, provide input from past viewings, coordinate inspections, work with appraisers, attorneys, lenders and all other professionals involved in the sale of your home.

Social Media – On top of obtaining nationwide referrals, creating a distinct web page for your property on our local website and advertising on nationally as well as internationally, we stay current with today’s most effective social media and marketing strategies.

Price Negotiation – We will use the highest negotiating skills to obtain the best price that the property will command.

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For Developers

Tips for builders

Northern Bestsellers are the industry experts and top ranked commercial real estate firm here in Yellowknife.

With in-depth historical data at our disposal, you can count on our research being insightful, relevant, and factual. We can identify market trends and projections that will enable our clients to make informed and critical decisions.

Coldwell Banker Northern Bestsellers has been the company of choice for the most successful developments in Yellowknife including Homes North Developments (600+ units), Copper Sky Developments (96 units), Niven Heights Developments (144 units), Redcliff Developments Waterfront Townhomes (14 units), Granite Condominiums (24 units), Summit Condominiums (126 units), and Lakeshore Developments (140 units).

Our services include:

Market Research – We will design advertising and marketing campaigns for strategic positioning and exposure in the marketplace and with the brokerage communities.

Showcasing your development project – We will advise on pricing, provide high quality photos, floor plans, collateral materials and both house-tour, drone videos and set a schedule of realtor tours and open houses.

Behind the Scenes – We will work with all professionals representing you and the project in coordinating all sales activities, negotiations, financing and legal requirements, in accordance with the plans and offerings.

We will partner with you from concept to completion on every step of the way with no exceptions from the time you consider the investment to the time of celebrating our sold out events.

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