The Northwest Territories (NWT) has 33 official communities and a total population of close to 45,000. Almost half of those people live in Yellowknife. Hay River, Inuvik, Fort Smith and Behchoko follow in size.

Our main economy is our natural resources – gold, diamonds, natural gas and petroleum. Some of the biggest mineral resource companies in the world mine here.

Our territorial government has no political parties — it is run by consensus government. We have 11 official languages – English, French and the rest are aboriginal.

We are home to many national parks, including the Nahanni National Park, home of the South Nahanni River; and the Wood Buffalo National Park, which is the only natural summer nesting habitat of the endangered whooping cranes.

Because we stretch from the 60th parallel to the North Pole, our semi-arid climate varies from South to North; as does our geography. The Mackenzie Mountains form a natural boundary between the NWT and The Yukon. The Mackenzie River – “The Deh Cho” – is one of the largest and longest river systems in the World and runs north to the Arctic Ocean. The Canadian Shield starts at the basin of the Mackenzie River and stretches across Canada. Two of the largest freshwater lakes in the world are located here – Great Bear Lake is the largest lake in Canada; and Great Slave Lake is the deepest lake in North America. Some of the oldest rocks on the planet are found here.

Truly a great place to live!