2018: A Year in Review

2018 was another memorable year for the North. Here are some key highlights regarding real estate and a couple of extraordinary events from 2018.

  • A total of 234 residential properties were sold in 2018 with the largest segment being single family homes (88) followed by manufactured and mobile homes (80) then apartments (37) and townhouses (23).
  • The average price for all residential properties in Yellowknife in 2018 was $413,567.
  • Some new housing options/developments became available in Yellowknife in 2018 including Redcliff’s condominium and duplex development in the Niven Lake neighborhood and Phase 3 development on Hall Crescent.
  • On a lighter note….we received a new resident–an infamous shaggy statue named Elon Muskox named after Tesla CEO, Elon Musk. It was donated to the City of Yellowknife by the Mosaïculture exhibit in Gatineau, Quebec.
  • Finally, the largest diamond in North America, a 552-carat yellow diamond, was found in October at the Diavik diamond mine approximately 135 miles south of the Arctic Circle in Canada’s Northwest Territories (owned and operated by Dominion Diamond Mines ULC). Canadian diamonds are some of the best in the world.